New from Nalgene: Mr Frosty® Freezing Containers for larger cryotubes

40% OFF
The big Mr Frosty® will accept most large cryogenic vials to consistently freezedown your cells at the optimal freezing rate
  • Optimal cooling: provides critical, repeatable -1°C/minute cooling rate required for successful cell cryopreservation and recovery.
  • Ease of use: simply fill to the designated line with 100% isopropyl alcohol and place in your -70°C freezer. Simple, step by step graphic instructions printed right on the freezing container.
  • Large capacity: the big Mr. Frosty’s can hold 12 large cryotubes (3.6 to 5 ml) for simultaneous freezing.


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DescriptionFor cryogenic tube sizeUnits/ CaseCat.No.PricePromo PriceQty.
Larger Mr Frosty 1°C Freezing Container3.6 to 4 ml1479-0966P
Largest Mr Frosty 1°C Freezing Container4.5 to 5 ml1479-0967P

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