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The Masterflex Difference: A True OEM Development Partner
by , Senior Technical Specialist for Custom Engineered Solutions, Masterflex Bioprocessing

Creating novel advancements while reducing development time—and saving money in the process—is of key importance to most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). That’s where working with a supplier that is a true development partner can have such a dramatic impact. By choosing a supplier that offers high-quality products, an easy route to customization, short turnaround times, and cost-effective strategies, OEMs can meet the demands and constraints they face and position themselves to assume a greater role in the markets in which they participate. Masterflex is a true OEM development partner and here’s why:

Our approach to your needs

One of the first hurdles of selecting a true development partner is simply finding one willing to work with you to start the product development process. Because suppliers to OEMs face their own constraints, many place contingencies on a potential business relationship. These contingencies can include high up-front costs, commitments to large initial purchases, and retaining fees and nonrecurring engineering expenses, making the cost to do business too high.

Masterflex takes a different, holistic approach with our customers’ OEM projects:

Custom Pump Head Finished Prototype
A finished prototype.
  1. Our engineers immediately begin evaluating each project to determine if we can offer a solution to meet the customers’ needs.
  2. Our engineers evaluate the manufacturability of the initial proposed solution and offer alternatives for our customers to consider. This might provide them with equal or better performance and save them money at the same time.
  3. When prototype technology is needed, we make every effort to quickly and cost-effectively produce functional prototypes, so our OEM customers can begin their evaluation and validation processes as early as possible. This allows them to make fine-tune adjustments to a product’s design during the beginning stages of development, when those changes are easiest (and least expensive) to incorporate.
  4. Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication with our OEM customers and our component suppliers to make sure we are prepared to deliver what our customers need, when they need it—all without the burden of large up-front costs or sizable initial quantities required.

Level of customization

Custom Panel-mount Pumps Integated System
Panel-mount pumps integrated into a system.

Another common hurdle to overcome when working with suppliers is whether they are willing to customize the solution they offer to meet an OEM’s design goals. From custom colors and company-specific labeling to firmware adjustments and material selection, there are many ways an OEM might need a supplier to customize a product or subcomponent.

Masterflex performs these tasks and provides many other layers of customization as well. We take a consultative approach, making sure the behind-the-scenes components of a pump assembly are as equally tailored to an application as the customer-facing components.

Wide selection of off-the-shelf hardware

One often overlooked obstacle to OEM product development is the availability of component hardware for immediate use. Many suppliers have adopted a fully-custom approach to their business model, meaning they only produce to customer demand. While this may seem attractive at first, this approach lacks flexibility.

Masterflex has been in business for over 60 years, and between our Masterflex® and Ismatec® brands, we have over 100 different pump-head configurations that are standard and frequently in stock. From single- and multi-channel options to liter and microliter dispensing volumes and flow rates, there is a strong chance we have something immediately available to meet OEM design constraints. Coupled with this is our large selection of standard tubing, fittings, and flow meters, as well as our ability to customize accessories to meet specific OEM requirements. Because of this, we can help OEMs reduce development time and the overall time-to-market, and help them realize real revenue generation sooner.

Extensive industry knowledge

Another key consideration during OEM product development is how knowledgeable a supplier is about the changing needs in each market space. Each industry has design requirements, safety regulations, and changing industry standards. It is vital for OEMs to work with suppliers who are well-versed in their markets and have taken a forward-thinking approach to addressing those changing needs. Masterflex is that kind of supplier. Throughout our history, we consistently:

ISO:13485 Compliance Logoo RoHS Compliance Logo
  • Comply with operational standards like ISO:9001 and have adopted the procedural and site-specific requirements to comply with more stringent standards like ISO:13485.
  • Support the requirements for international regulatory compliance like CE, REACH, and RoHS, while also working to ensure our products are eco-friendly.
  • Incorporate technologies like leak detectors and open-head sensors into our product offering to help customers meet their safety requirements.
  • Lead the industry by supporting multiple industry-standard communication protocols such as Ethernet I/P, Profibus, Device Net, and Bluetooth.

Additionally, Masterflex offers a dedicated group of OEM engineers who have over a century of collective pump design experience across the full spectrum of fluid handling industries. Any time a new project is approached, our engineers bring their knowledge and experience to the table to ensure an OEM’s final product fits well in the markets being targeted.

Striking a balance between price and quality

In the end, the actual purchase price of any given solution from a potential supplier can make or break the opportunity. Some suppliers excel at offering fully-customized solutions but with a purchase price significantly over budget. Others place a laser-like focus on price but often at the expense of quality craftsmanship.

Masterflex works every day to strike a balance between these two approaches.

By leveraging our pre-existing hardware and working proactively through our strategic supplier partnerships, we can offer custom solutions and excellent overall quality at affordable prices with a lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment than can be realized by other suppliers.

For example, consider the following scenario:

  • Product X is projected to have a 3-year life cycle: 1 year of development, 2 years of commercial sales.
  • By working with Masterflex, if the development time is reduced from 1 year to 9 months, that provides an additional 3 months’ worth of potential revenue generation – or a 12.5% increase in revenue generation time.
  • If the projected ROI is 40%, a 12.5% increase in usage and benefits can produce $175 more in benefits per $1,000 in budget.

Thus, when working with Masterflex, positive impacts to the bottom line can be realized up front as well as throughout the duration of the product life cycle.

Masterflex: A true OEM development partner

Working with the right supplier—one that can provide components and treat the business relationship as a partnership—is invaluable, impacting both the design cycle and revenue generation cycle positively. Masterflex is a true OEM development partner.

To see how we can help your organization realize more revenue and gain increased market share, fill out our online form and get connected with your local sales manager. Or call 1-800-MASTERFLEX today.