VWR NGS Solutions: For All Your Next Generation Sequencing Steps

From DNA preparation to library amplification, purification and quantification, VWR NGS Solutions can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

Discover VWR NGS Solutions combined with the Eppendorf epMotion® 96: Cost-effective, reliable and highly efficient solution for your DNA applications!

NGS compatible streamlined DNA recovery from 3D cell cultures in GrowDex

After 3D cell culture in Growdex and enzymatic degradation of GrowDex with GrowDase, recovered amount and quality of DNA is sufficient for NGS library construction.

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epMotion® 96

Increase the accuracy of your liquid handling process by running 96 simultaneous channels, pipetting, dispensing and many other high precision volumetric tasks on 96- and 384-well plates.

NGS Library Preparation: DNA LoBind Plates

DNA LoBind Plates : Polypropylene wells with LoBind characteristics are designed to maximise yield of your target molecules.

SparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit

sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit provides rapid enzymatic fragmentation and construction of DNA libraries from double-stranded DNA for sequencing on Illumina®NGS platforms.

Purification: Mag-Bind® TotalPure NGS

Mag-Bind® TotalPure is a solution for DNA and RNA purification for NGS applications. Easy to use for next generation sequencing workflows with high recovery rates.

Quantification of genomic DNA and NGS Library

Quantification of genomic DNA and NGS Library - create custom fluorescence assays.