Lames de contrôle, ISOSLIDE®

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Lames de contrôle, ISOSLIDE®
Lames Microscopy Control Slides
ISOSLIDE® control slides are designed for use with new as well as existing products.

  • Longue durée de conservation
  • Lames de contrôle ISOSLIDE® préparées exclusivement à partir de matériel animal
  • Toutes les lames d'une boîte proviennent du même lot et sont préparées à partir d'un bloc

ISOSLIDE® control slides help optimise and standardise staining results by allowing typical control material to be compared with a laboratory’s own specimens. Typical material is prepared and sliced using standard procedures. One slide is already stained by the Merck staining procedure, while the other 24 are unstained paraffin sections. These slides can be stained using the laboratory’s own method or according to the MERCK protocol. For every pack of ISOSLIDE® control slides an insert sheet referring to the relevant products is available.
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