Polyacrylic acid calibration kits for GPC/SEC

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VARIPL2142-5000EA 558 EUR
VARIPL2142-5000 VARIPL2144-1000 VARIPL2142-6000 VARIPL2143-5000 VARIPL2142-3000 VARIPL2143-2000 VARIPL2143-7000 VARIPL2143-6000 VARIPL2143-0000 VARIPL2142-7000 VARIPL2142-8000 VARIPL2143-3000 VARIPL2143-8000 VARIPL2143-9000 VARIPL2144-0000 VARIPL2143-4000 VARIPL2144-3000
Polyacrylic acid calibration kits for GPC/SEC
Étalons de référence Étalons de chromatographie gazeuse
Aqueous polymers for GPC/SEC.

  • Compatible with all aqueous columns for wide applicability
  • Aqueous polymers 1000 to 2 million MW
  • Well characterised Mp values ensure wide utility
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