Cryogenic transport vessels, Arctic Express®

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Arctic Express®
BARNCY50915EA 2270 EUR
Cryogenic transport vessels, Arctic Express®
Dewars et récipients cryogéniques
These transport vessels are ideal for shipping infectious materials or biological samples at cryogenic temperature. These shippers feature a range of capabilities that ensure the highest safety and security of valuable samples as they are transported via air or ground.

  • Innovative material absorbs liquid nitrogen to prevent spillage during shipment
  • Canister safely holds biological materials in shipper
  • Lockable lid with internal security compartment provides protection and sample isolation
  • Cryovials wrapped in a fibre absorbent material to absorb sample if spillage occurs

System features lightweight aluminium design and convenient pail-style handle, and is easily transported via most common carriers.

Informations de livraison: Supplied with reusable shipping case; one canister with Arctic Express 5 and 10 model.
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