Cryogenic dual storage vesssel, Arctic Express®

Fournisseur: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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BARNCK50920EA 2590 EUR
Cryogenic dual storage vesssel, Arctic Express®
Dewars et récipients cryogéniques
Dual storage vessels are used to protect non-hazardous samples during shipment and storage. Featuring excellent flexibility and safety features, these systems can be used as dry shippers or laboratory cryo vessels.

  • Aluminum vessels with lockable lid hold six numbered, colour-coded, stainless-steel cans, which accommodate canes that hold ampules

When filled with liquid nitrogen and placed in the laboratory, unit can be used as a 'can and cane' storage system indefinitely with static holding times of up to 125 days.

Informations de livraison: Supplied with six lockable lid and colour-coded stainless-steel cans.
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