PCR plates, 96-well, semi-skirted, flat deck, barcoded

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BC-1400 BC-1400/W BC-2400 BC-2400/W
ADVABC-1400 ADVABC-1400/W 732-1494 732-1495
PCR plates, 96-well, semi-skirted, flat deck, barcoded
Microplaques Plaques PCR
These PP plates are directly compatible with all standard platforms including sequencers with no adapters necessary.

  • Directly compatible with all major major thermal cyclers, including ABI platforms including sequencers with no adapters necessary
  • Flat plate deck facilitates sealing and handling
  • Cut corner: A12
  • Raised rim design around each well enables secure sealing and safeguards against evaporation
  • Uniform, thin well walls deliver maximum and consistent heat transfer
  • Black alpha-numeric lettering allows for easy well identification
  • White plates are optimized for qPCR by increasing sensitivity and reducing variability in fluorescence detection

The barcodes are the industry standard code 128. The label itself can withstand temperatures from -196°C up to 120°C to ensure that the barcodes stay on the plate throughout your entire workflow. It also has a special coating to virtually eliminate any "rubbing off" of the code during handling. The dual barcodes are located on the opposite numeric and opposite alpha sides of the plate.

The SuperPlate versions are four times more rigid than standard plates, making these plates ideal for robotic handling.
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