Guanidium thiocyanate pour la biologie moléculaire

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Synonyme(s): Guanidinium thiocyanateGuanidinium sulfocyanureGuanidine thiocyanate

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J65104.30 J65104.18 J65104.36
Guanidium thiocyanate pour la biologie moléculaire
Thiocyanate de guanidinium

Guanidine thiocyanate is used for RNA isolation and can solubilise proteins. When the compound is used to solubilize proteins it can be removed by dialysis against urea without difficulty. The hybridization of guanidine thiocyanate-solubilize hepatocytes can be used as a method to quantify mRNA from hepatocytes. Blood sample lysate stored in guanidine thiocyanate has been shown to maintain nucleic acid integrity. Research describes guanidine thiocyanate to be ineffective for RNA isolation of plant tissue with a high levels of secondary metabolites and storage proteins.

Soluble in H₂O (1420 g/L) at 20°C, and ethanol (5%).

Attention: Light Sensitive. Keep container tightly closed and store away from oxidising agents.

Formule: CH₅N₃·CHNS
Poids moléculaire: 118,16 g/mol
Point de fusion: 118…122 °C
Densité: 1,29
Température de stockage: Température ambiante
Numéro MDL: MFCD00013027
Numéro CAS: 593-84-0
EINECS: 209-812-1

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Résultats des tests de spécification

Appearance (Colour) White to off-white
Form Crystalline powder
Assay (Titration) 99.0% min.
DNase None detected
Protease activity None detected
RNase None detected
UV/Vis A280 (70%, water) 0.8
UV/Vis A300 (6M, water) 0.1
UV/Vis A410 (6M, water) 0.1

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