Petri dish platinum electrode

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BTXI45-0505EA 2300 EUR
BTXI45-0505 BTXI45-0507
Petri dish platinum electrode
Électrodes Électrodes d'électroporation
This tissue chamber is specifically designed to handle ex-vivo tissue samples that are either larger than normal or have a unique shape making it difficult to transfect using other standard electrodes. This is an efficient method to deliver genes and drugs to a wide range of tissue types including cornea, muscle and skin.

  • Chambers are available in two widths (15 mm and 5 mm) to accommodate many tissue sample sizes
  • The reusable chamber of a lab grade Pyrex glass petri dish and two platinum electrodes embedded in an inert silicone
  • Rectangular chamber that provides a homogeneous field of energy for high efficiencies

Generator compatibility: ECM 830 and ECM 2001
Voltage range: 0 to 200 V

Pulse length range: 10 µsec to 100 msec

Informations de commande: Complete kit includes Petri Dish with tissue chamber, Petri lid and micrograbber cables.
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