Anion exchange chromatography column, HiScreen™ Capto™ Q

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Anion exchange chromatography column, HiScreen™ Capto™ Q
Colonnes pour chromatographie
HiScreen Capto Q is a column packed with a strong anion exchange modern resin, combining speed and capacity. Suitable for process development.

  • Prepacked with Capto Q strong anion exchange chromatography resin
  • Convenient method optimization and parameter screening because of the 10 cm bed height
  • These columns are easily connected in series to increase bed height to 20 cm
  • Fast results and minimal consumption of sample and buffer consumption through the small bed volume
  • BioProcess columns packed with the same chromatography resin and using the same linear fluid velocity can produce scalable, reproducible results

The small column volume of 4.7 ml and bed height of 10 cm make HiScreen columns excellent tools for method optimization, parameter screening, robustness testing, and convenient scale-up. Process fluid velocities can be applied, since the 10 cm bed height gives enough residence time and the results can then serve as basis for linear process scale-up. If necessary, two columns can easily be connected in series to give a bed height of 20 cm.

Cytiva's resin couples a quaternary ammonium (Q) strong anion exchanger to a chemically modified, high-flow agarose matrix. The rigid agarose matrix provides greater particle rigidity without compromising pore size, which allows for high bed volume and purification of viscous samples at high flow rates.

High dynamic binding capacity is achieved with a dextran surface extender that coats the agarose matrix. The resin’s high binding-capacity, high flow rate, and low back pressure reduce process cycle times and improve productivity at process scale.
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