Cation exchange chromatography columns, RESOURCE™ S

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Cation exchange chromatography columns, RESOURCE™ S
Colonnes pour chromatographie
RESOURCE™ S columns are prepacked with SOURCE 15S, a strong cation exchanger for high-resolution polishing purification of proteins, at high flow rates.

  • Sulfoethyl (S) strong cation exchanger for high resolution ion exchange chromatography
  • Mono-sized 15 µm rigid beads give low back pressure and high flow rates allowing for high productivity
  • High chemical stability enables wide range of working conditions with good resistance to cleaning conditions at high pH

Rigid, monodispersed spherical SOURCE 15S resin beads (15 µm) with controlled pore-size distribution facilitate high-resolution purification at high flow rates. Hydrophilization of the beads further minimizes nonspecific adsorption and allows for high recovery rates for purified samples.

The material of the RESOURCE™ S column body is PEEK. This ion exchange chromatography column generates low back pressures and high performance, making it excellent for ion exchange (IEX) chromatography on a large scale.

Informations de livraison: Includes connectors for high- and low-pressure chromatography equipment and instructions.
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