Glove box, with transfer chamber, BOLA

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BOHLV1982-08EA 8930 EUR
Glove box, with transfer chamber, BOLA
Boîtes à gants et sacs à gants
This PMMA glove box with transfer chamber allows safe working with sensitive compounds in a controlled environment.

  • Robust and light-weight aluminium construction
  • Superb all-round visibility
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Cable lead-ins for electric devices
  • Large front opening
  • Connectors for gas-filling and aeration including appropriate tubing
  • Transfer chamber for inserting further products

Aluminium frame with panels made of acrylic glass, base panel made of PE. Front panel with two glove ports and one pair of natural rubber gloves size 9, two lead-ins for cables on the back side (upper left and upper right).

Transfer chamber with two doors, external door with latch to prevent accidental opening. The tray extends into the workspace with opening of the internal door for easy removal of inserted products. Work space and transfer chamber each including two hose connectors for gas-filling and aeration and approprate tubing (two 5 m tubing for gas-filling made of PVC, two 5 m aeration tubing made of PE).

Capacity transfer chamber: 24 L

Hinged lid opening: 850×425 mm

Informations de livraison: Supplied with one pair of natural rubber gloves (size 9).
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