Affinity chromatography columns, Ab SpinTrap™

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Ab SpinTrap™
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Affinity chromatography columns, Ab SpinTrap™
Colonnes pour chromatographie
Ab SpinTrap™ are prepacked with protein G Sepharose™ high performance, single-use spin columns for efficient, small-scale purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from serum and cell culture supernatant. In addition, a protocol for immunoprecipitation is included.

  • No filtration or centrifugation of different crude samples necessary for antibody purification
  • Classic and crosslink protocols for protein enrichment (immunoprecipitation)
  • Elution conditions formatted for both LC-MS and electrophoresis analysis
  • Columns can be used with a standard microcentrifuge and one purification run takes less than 20 minutes
  • Sample volume: 600 µl
  • Binding capacity/column: >1 mg IgG/column

These spin columns are also suitable for use in antibody screening experiments.

Protein G Sepharose™ High Performance has high protein binding capacity and is compatible with all commonly buffers used in antibody purification with immobilized protein G media.
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