HPLC columns, VariTide RPC

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VARIPL1412-6A05EA 10400 EUR
VARIPL1412-6A05 VARIPL1E12-5A05 VARIPL1512-5A05 VARIPL1412-4A05 VARIPL1012-5A05
HPLC columns, VariTide RPC
Colonnes pour chromatographie
VariTide RPC column is designed for use across the pH range, making it suitable for the analysis and purification of acid or basic and hydrophilic or hydrophobic peptides, using acid, neutral and basic eluents.

  • Separations run at elevated temperature and pH, and under acidic, neutral and basic conditions
  • Robustness and durability
  • Single, easy to use, universal column
  • A single column to cover the full range of synthetic peptides

A high efficiency, small particle packing, with a pore size optimised for high capacity across the peptide size range, from 5 to 60 amino acids.
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