Multimodal chromatography columns, HiTrap™ Capto Core 700

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Multimodal chromatography columns, HiTrap™ Capto Core 700
Colonnes pour chromatographie
HiTrap™ Capto Core 700 is prepacked with Capto Core 700, a multimodal BioProcess medium for intermediate purification and polishing of viruses and other large biomolecules.

  • High capacity and productivity in flowthrough mode
  • Wide operational window of pH and conductivity
  • Prepacked HiTrap™ columns for easy screening and convenient process development, as well as small scale purification

Capto Core 700 is a novel, layered bead chromatography resin consisting of a porous outer layer and ligand-activated core. The octylamine ligands found in the core of the beads are multimodal, being both hydrophobic and positively charged. These internalised ligands bind impurities strongly over a wide range of pH and salt concentration. The pores of the bead outer layer prevent large targets (Mr >700000) from binding to the ligands while smaller impurities can enter freely into the beads where they are captured.
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