Microtiter tubes system

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Microtiter tubes system
Tubes Microtubes
Tubes made of PP, natual, caps made of PE, natural.

  • Robotic compatible rack can easily integrated into automated liquid handling workstations
  • Polyethylene plug strip seals the microtiter tubes tightly for storage
  • Eight plug strips can be easily cut apart for individual samples

Microtiter tubes have additional volume capacity for sample dilution and are ideal for HTLV-III testing, RIA, EIA, PCR, pharmaceutical quality control and blood bank sample freezer storage. Frosted writing areas on each tube and an alphanumeric rack simplify organization and identification of specific samples.

Certifications: Non sterile: certified DNA, RNase/DNase, pyrogen and endotoxin-free.
Sterile: certified DNA, RNase/DNase, pyrogen, endotoxin, PCR inhibitor, and bioburden-free.
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