SLE plates, 96-well, HyperSep®

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SLE plates, 96-well, HyperSep®
Microplaques Plaques d'extraction pour phase liquide
HyperSep® SLE provides a fast and effective sample preparation technique for removal of phospholipids from biological matricies. HyperSep® SLE deals with sample preparation of biological matricies via a simple, efficient and an effective protocol, the focus being the removal of interfering phospholipids which cause a number of issues for end point analysis.

  • Simple, easy to use protocol
  • Removal of phospholipids
  • Greater reproducibility and recoveries compared to LLE

SLE offers a number of advantages over existing sample preparation techniques such as Liquid/Liquid Extraction (LLE) and protein precipitation techniques for dealing with biological matricies. In comparison to LLE, SLE offers greater reproducibility and recoveries, lower solvent requirements and prevents emulsification which is often associated with the LLE technique. It also lends itself to full automation which is not possible via LLE. SLE provides improved cleanliness of sample extract and associated increase in sensitivity compared to protein precipitation techniques which are unable to remove phospholipids.
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