NovaSorb™ PolyCellulose™ string mops

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NovaSorb™ PolyCellulose™ string mops
A highly absorbent flat strand mop made from a polyester/cellulose disposable material that outperforms standard cotton and rayon mops. Designed to cover large surface areas quickly and efficiently.

  • Highly absorbent and lightweight
  • Economically designed for single use in controlled environments
  • Outperforms standard cotton and rayon mops
  • Non-woven blend of 55% polyester and 45% cellulose disposable material
  • Holds up to strong disinfectants and common cleaning solutions
  • Available gamma irradiated for aseptic environments
  • Autoclavable

The Micronova NovaSorb™ PolyCellulose™ String Mop is designed for use with the Micronova MicroMop™ series hardware: MH-1 or MHC-1 handles, or QDMH-1 frame with SSU series handles.

Informations de commande: All components must be ordered separately. For additional handle lengths, see Universal Mop Handles from Micronova.
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