Ion selective electrode, ammonia (NH₃), gas-sensing, IntelliCAL™

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Ion selective electrode, ammonia (NH₃), gas-sensing, IntelliCAL™
Électrodes Électrodes ISE
This digital, combination gas-sensing ammonia ion selective electrode (ISE) with replaceable membrane module, refillable outer body, double junction reference and built-in temperature sensor is intended for laboratory use.

  • Compatible with digital Hach meters only (e.g. HQd meters)
  • Refillable outer body, easy to maintain modular membrane design, and large annular reference junction for maximum surface area between sample and reference electrolyte provide great measurement stability
  • Ultimate traceability in measurement history: Stores time, date stamp, operator, sample ID, calibration history, parameter, and probe serial number
  • User alerted when re-calibration is needed
  • Can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings

Ideal for measuring ammonia concentrations in wastewater, drinking water and general water quality applications.

Informations de livraison: Single electrode is supplied with integrated temperature sensor, 3-pack of replacement IntelliCAL™ ammonia membrane modules, electrode fill solution (50 ml), calibration certificate, and Basic User Manual.
Kit contains: IntelliCAL™ electrode, Ammonia electrode storage solution (500 ml), ammonia ionic strength adjustor powder pillows (pk 100), ISENH3181 membrane modules (pk 3), nitrogen-ammonia 1,0 mg/L standard solution (500 ml), nitrogen-ammonia 10 mg/L standard solution (500 ml), nitrogen-ammonia 100 mg/L standard solution (500 ml).
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