Vacuum system, EcoVac

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Vacuum system, EcoVac
Pompe Systèmes de pompe à vide
The EcoVac safety-vacuum-system supports efficient work and increases the safety standard when working with infectious material in a laboratory.

  • The system easily removes pathogenic liquid excess from dishes, bottles, tubes and disks
  • Transfers to a safety vacuum bottle made of break-resistant and autoclavable polypropylene

The safety vacuum bottle is resistant to chemicals, has a large capacity and therefore decreases time-consuming autoclaving and disposing to a minimum. The screw-cap of the bottle comes with two self-locking fittings, which seal the bottle and lock the vacuum bottle hermetically, when the tubing is removed for transport and autoclaving.

The vacuum pump is a double chambered membrane pump with an illuminated on/off-switch. An optional foot switch allows to control operation of the pump, if EcoVac should be used in intermittently

Informations de livraison: Includes safety PP-bottle (4 L) with screw cap, two self-locking fittings, aeration insert, safety filter and silicone tubing 5 m (autoclavable).
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