Western blot stripping buffer, Western ReProbe™

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Western blot stripping buffer, Western ReProbe™
Réactifs d'électrophorèse Réactifs de Blotting
Western ReProbe™ is a single component system that is specifically formulated to dissociate and remove antibodies from membrane-bound proteins without destroying the antigenic binding affinity. Western ReProbe™ also enables the ability to reuse Western blots.

  • Simply incubate the blot in Western ReProbe™ at room temperature and wash - no boiling, denaturants or SDS required
  • Repeated analysis of Western blots with multiple probes
  • Re-analysis and correction of unsatisfactory Western blots
  • Conservation of hard-to-obtain test samples and reagents
  • Time saving in not rerunning gels and transfer processes

Informations de livraison: Western ReProbe™ is supplied as a 5X concentrated solution. Each 100 ml is sufficient for 25 to 30 standard size (7,5×8,5 cm) Western blots.
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