SPE tubes, Supelclean™ ENVI-Carb™, Supelco®

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Supelclean™ ENVI-Carb™
57127-UEA 229 EUR
57127-U 57128. 57092. 57094. 57130. 57109-U 57088.
SPE tubes, Supelclean™ ENVI-Carb™, Supelco®
Colonnes pour chromatographie
SPE tubes made from graphitised non-porous carbon.

  • Extreme affinity for organic polar and non-polar compounds from both non-polar and polar matrices when used under reversed-phase conditions
  • Carbon surface comprised of hexagonal ring structures, interconnected and layered into graphitic sheets
  • Non-porous nature of the carbon phase allows for rapid processing, adsorption does not require analyte dispersion into solid phase pores
  • Independent investigators have found ENVI-Carb™ extremely useful for the rapid sample preparation of over 200 pesticides from various matrices including ground water, fruits and vegetables
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