Testeur d'abrasion oscillant, 6160, Taber®

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Testeur d'abrasion oscillant, 6160, Taber®
Testeurs d'abrasion
Le testeur d'abrasion oscillant Taber® est utilisé pour mesurer la résistance d'un matériau à l'abrasion et aux rayures de surface. Son application principale est destinée aux matériaux transparents et aux revêtements dans les lentilles et les fenêtres. Toutefois, il peut également être utilisé pour évaluer les matériaux tels que les revêtements organiques, les plastiques, les métaux, etc.

  • Test parameters can be altered and allow the operator to select the operating stroke length (6,5 to 150 mm) and speed (100 to 200 cycles per minute)
  • May be used with abrasive slurry to perform erosion tests
  • Using a custom specimen holder (not supplied), materials of various shapes may also be tested

Rigid specimens that are 100 mm square and less than 12,5 mm in thickness are mounted in a holder located in the bottom of a sand tray so the surface is flush within 1 mm. The tray is filled to a uniform depth (e.g 12,5 mm) with a standardized abrasive media such as quartz silica or alumina. A scotch-yoke drive system reciprocates the tray in a back-and-forth (to-and-fro) motion which causes the entire mass of the abrasive media to shift significantly within the tray. The oscillating movement of the abrasive media results in a random pattern of scratches which simulates normal everyday wear.
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