Anti-FCGR2/3 Rat monoclonal antibody [clone: 2.4G2]

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Anti-FCGR2/3 Rat monoclonal antibody [clone: 2.4G2]
The 2.4G2 antibody is specific for a common epitope found in the extracellular regions of mouse Fc-receptors Fc-gamma II (CD32) and Fc-gamma III (CD16). As these are receptors for the Fc portion of mouse IgG, they may also bind laboratory antibody preparations and products used in a variety of cell analysis protocols such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and functional cell assays. The 2.4G2 antibody is therefore widely used as a pre-treatment reagent to block binding of specific antibodies of interest, e.g. fluorescently conjugated antibodies, to Fc receptors via their Fc domains and contributing to “non-specific” staining.

Type: Primary
Antigen: FCGR2/3 (Fc fragment of IgG, low affinity II/III)
Clonality: monoclonal
Clone: 2.4G2
Conjugation: unconjugated
Host: Rat
Isotype: IgG2b
Reactivity: Mouse
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