Human CD14⁺ monocytes from peripheral blood (hMoCD14⁺-PB)

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Human CD14⁺ monocytes from peripheral blood (hMoCD14⁺-PB)
Monocytes (Mo) are immature phagocytic cells circulating in the blood. Acting as antigen-presenting immune cells, they can phagocytise and degrade microbes and particulate matter. Monocytes can differentiate into several different cell types. The most common applications for monocytes are the in vitro differentiation into monocyte-derived dendritic cells (moDC), macrophages, and osteoclasts as well as their use as phagocytic immune cells in immunology and infection biology.

CD14 belongs to the family of LPS receptor antigens and is strongly expressed on the majority of Monocytes. Thus, binding of immunomagnetic particles to this antigen is employed for purification of PromoCell CD14⁺-Monocytes (hMoCD14⁺-PB) from Mononuclear Cells (MNC). PromoCell Human CD14⁺ Monocytes are isolated from fresh peripheral blood. After isolation of the ultra-pure mononuclear cell fraction by proprietary methods, the CD14⁺ Monocytes are isolated by positive selection with >95% purity.
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