Precast gels, Reliant™

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Precast gels, Reliant™
Gels d'électrophorèse Gels pré-coulés
Reliant™ precast agarose minigels are designed for rapid and reproducible resolution of DNA fragments from 8 bp to 10 kb. Each precast agarose gel is precision cast using our SeaKem® Gold or NuSieve™ 3:1 agarose and are available in a variety of well formats and agarose concentrations.

  • Gels are cast from either SeaKem® or NuSieve® agarose and are certified DNase-free
  • Gels specifically for RNA separation are guaranteed RNase-free
  • Compatible with most minigel chambers

Reliant™ precast agarose minigels are available either pre-stained with ethidium bromide or without stain. The Reliant™ gel System is ideal for analysis of PCR, restriction digest fragments or most cloning needs.

Informations de livraison: Supplied in boxes of 20 gels.
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