Sera-Mag carboxylate-modified magnetic beads and SpeedBeads

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Sera-Mag carboxylate-modified magnetic beads and SpeedBeads
Perles Billes magnétiques
Sera-Mag Carboxylate-Modified Magnetic Beads & SpeedBeads have free carboxyl groups on the surface for convenient covalent coupling of target molecules (proteins, peptides, and amine-modified ligands) via primary amines (NH2).

  • Carboxylic groups on the surface form covalent amide bonds with proteins, peptides or amine-modified ligands for use in many downstream applications including protein purification, DNA sample preparation and clean-up, protenomicsand immunoassays
  • Carbodiimide chemistry allows rapid formation of stable bonds to minimize ligand leaching
  • Available in original Sera-Mag format or Sera-Mag SpeedBeads version for faster magnetic response and shorter assay times in clinical diagnostic tests
  • Excellent sensitivity and low nonspecific binding for greater accuracy; different levels of hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity available

The entire range of Sera-Mag encapsulated magnetic particles are characterized by high binding capacity, excellent stability, low nonspecific binding, high sensitivity, very slow settling rates, and fast reaction kinetics.

The core of each particle is made by a free radical emulsion polymerization of styrene and acid monomer. One (Sera-Mag) or two (Sera-Mag SpeedBeads) layers of magnetite are then coated onto this core, while the surface is modified to minimize non-specific binding of proteins. Due to the extra magnetite layer, SpeedBeads respond twice as fast to a magnetic field as the original Sera-Mag particles.
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