Western Blotting Substrate, Pierce™ ECL Plus

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Western Blotting Substrate, Pierce™ ECL Plus
Réactifs d'électrophorèse Réactifs de Blotting
The Pierce™ ECL Plus Western Blotting Substrate is an acridan-based chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent HRP substrate for Western blot detection using X-ray film or CCD- or laser-based imagers.

  • Easy to use, high quality and performance
  • Higher sensitivity - detect targets down to the low-picogram level
  • Longer signal duration - sustained light output for as long as five hours
  • More imaging options - X-ray, CCD or laser-based imagers

The substrate generates acridinium esters when it reacts with HRP. As these ester intermediates react with peroxide, they produce a strong and sustained chemiluminescent signal that can be captured by X-ray film CCD imaging. It also produce a robust fluorescent signal that can be captured with fluorescence imagers. Substrate enables the detection of low-picogram amounts of target protein on nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane when probed with appropriate primary and secondary antibody concentrations.

Informations de livraison: Kit includes proprietary acridan and peroxide solutions.
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