Protein transfection reagent, Pierce™

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PIER89850EA 471 EUR
Protein transfection reagent, Pierce™
Réactifs de transfection
This Pierce™ protein transfection reagent is a cationic lipid mixture for complexation with proteins, peptides, antibodies and other biologically active molecules to allow their direct intracellular delivery.

  • No need to isolate, clone and transfect gene sequences thu saving time
  • Optimum delivery in three to four hours after incubation
  • Delivery complex is non-covalent with proteins and peptides retaining biological activity after delivery
  • Works with proteins, peptides and fluorescently labeled antibodies making it versatile

Molecules that have been successfully delivered with the transfection reagent include β-galactosidase, fluorescent-antibody, green fluorescent protein (GFP), high and low molecular weight dextran sulfate, phycoerythrin-BSA, caspase 3, caspase 8 and granzyme B.
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