Peroxidase conjugate stabiliser/diluent, Guardian™

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Peroxidase conjugate stabiliser/diluent, Guardian™
Réactifs d'électrophorèse Réactifs de Blotting
Guardian™ Peroxidase conjugate stabiliser/diluent preserves the functional integrity and activity of horseradish peroxidase conjugated antibodies and other proteins at very dilute concentrations for long term storage.

  • Preserves HRP activity – no significant loss of HRP activity over a six-month period at room temperature (1:1000 dilution) or 12 months at 4 °C
  • Store ready-to-use dilutions (1:1000 to 1:100,000) that maintain enzyme activity in the refrigerator – no aliquoting or freezing
  • Assay compatible – simply add blocking buffer to create the ideal diluent for HRP-based ELISA systems or store the HRP conjugate as a 1:1000 stock solution for Western blots and dilute in the final assay buffer
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