Fluorogenic peroxidase substrate kit, QuantaBlu™

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Fluorogenic peroxidase substrate kit, QuantaBlu™
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QuantaBlu™ Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate Kit is a three-component kit containing proprietary fluorescent substrate, peroxide and stop solutions for stopped (endpoint) or non-stopped assays.

  • More sensitive than TMB, OPD or ABTS substrates
  • Flexible – stopped, non-stopped or kinetic assays possible
  • Large dynamic range (4 log peroxidase concentration range)
  • Excellent stability: working solution is stable for 24 hours
  • Large stokes shift; excitation/emission maxima of 325/420; range of 315-345/370-460
  • Does not photobleach

QuantaBlu™ Substrate generates a blue fluorescent product upon reaction with peroxidase. Incubation times with QuantaBlu™ Substrate for stopped and non-stopped assays may be varied between one to 90 minutes at either room temperature or 37 °C. QuantaBlu™ Substrate exhibits a flat baseline in assays, which facilitates low-level detection sensitivity and allows for high signal-to-noise ratios.

Informations de livraison: Kit includes QuantaBlu™ substrate solution (250 ml), QuantaBlu™ peroxide solution (30 ml), QuantaBlu stop solution (275 ml).
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