Bleu de méthylène trihydraté, en poudre C.I. 52015

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Synonyme(s): Chlorure de méthylthioninium trihydratéChlorure de 3,7-bis(diméthylamino)phénothiazine-5-ium trihydraté

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Bleu de méthylène trihydraté, en poudre C.I. 52015
Bleu de méthylène trihydraté

Methylene blue has been used as a stain in bacteriology and as an oxidation-reduction indicator. A sensitive stain for RNA and
ribonuclease. An ethidium bromide alternative for the visualization of nucleic acids in gels:

Gels are viewable in visible light. Does not require a darkroom. No UV induced DNA damage. Gels can be stored for several days. 30 minute destaining time for PAGE gels.

Soluble in water (1 mg/ml)

Attention: Research Use Only (RUO).

Formule: C₁₆H₁₈ClN₃S·3H₂O
Poids moléculaire: 373,9 g/mol
Température de stockage: Température ambiante
Numéro MDL: MFCD00150008
Numéro CAS: 7220-79-3

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UV/Vis: λmax (water) 662 ± 3 nm

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