Precast gels, Latitude™ HT Gels and Midigels

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Precast gels, Latitude™ HT Gels and Midigels
Gels d'électrophorèse Gels pré-coulés
Latitude™ DNA gels are designed for accurate DNA fragment separation for almost any gel electrophoresis application. These ready-to-run gels are available in a variety of sizes and well formats to fit most high-throughput needs.

  • Made with high quality, molecular biology grade SeaKem® or NuSieve® agarose
  • DNase- and RNase-free
  • Provide sharp bands with low background fluorescence
  • Ideal for checking restriction digests and PCR products
  • Fit in most large submerged electrophoresis systems and are compatible with multichannel pipettors

Both the DNA HT gels and the DNA Midigels are pre-stained with 0,5 µg/ml ethidium bromide.

Informations de livraison: Latitude™ HT gels are packaged 5 gels/box. Midigels are packaged 8 gels/box.
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