Agarose, SeaKem® Gold

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Agarose, SeaKem® Gold
Gels d'électrophorèse Agarose et acrylamide
SeaKem® is a high gel strength, low EEO, standard gelling temperature agarose perfect for electrophoresis and other molecular biology applications. This Genetic Technology Grade™ (GTG) Agarose is for rapid resolution of megabase DNA by pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE).

  • Quality tested to certify performance
  • High gel strength
  • Low EEO
  • Standard melting temperature

Due to its low EEO, the electrophoretic mobility of DNA in SeaKem® Gold Agarose gels is significantly greater than in conventional agarose gels. Run times for PFGE can be decreased by as much as 50% depending upon buffer and agarose concentration. Due to its high gel strength, SeaKem® Gold Agarose forms easy to handle gels at low concentrations (as low as 0,5%), which allow for the separation of larger DNA fragments by conventional electrophoresis as well as a decrease in the time needed to separate DNA by PFGE.
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