OmniTop Sample Tubes® assemblies, pre-sterilised, single-use, Avantor®

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OmniTop Sample Tubes® assemblies, pre-sterilised, single-use, Avantor®
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OmniTop Sample Tubes® are a convenient device that can be used to obtain fluid samples. Each OmniTop tube comes with a pre-attached 0,2 µm vent filter and 18" of tubing (C-Flex®, TYGON®, silicone or PharMed®).

  • Customisable cap system
  • Unique cap design allows for complete customisation
  • Ability to use different ID and OD tubing Ø
  • Wide selection of tubing materials
  • Easily configured with virtually any type of tubing
  • Single-use
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced assembly and installation time
  • Eliminate cleaning validation
  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Design allows quick delivery on small lots
  • Closure system can be used with various glass bottles
  • Available individually packed or configured in manifold

These tubes are available with or without internal dip-tubes to facilitate removal of the fluid inside.

OmniTop Sample Tubes can be aseptically connected to your bioreactor or other device using standard tubing welders, such as the Terumo SCD-IIB. Sample Tubes can also be aseptically sealed and removed (wet or dry) using tubing sealers such as the Genesis SE340 or handheld battery powered version SE640.

Use OmniTop for the transfer of biopharmaceutical products and reagents in a closed system, gas exchange transfer, sampling of biopharmaceutical products and reagents in a closed system, storage of biopharmaceutical products and reagents. For use with bench top, pilot plant, and production bioreactors. Also for use with sterile connecting devices and thermal or RF tubing sealers.

OmniTop Sample Tubes® are available in a wide variety of standard configurations or they can be customised to suit your specific applications.

Cdt: Available individually packaged or configured in manifold
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