Plates, 96-well, Sartobind®

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Plates, 96-well, Sartobind®
Microplaques Microplaques HTS
Sartobind® HTS 96-well plates for high throughput screening with IEX and MIC membrane chromatography feature a modular design of individual 8-strip units set into a 96-well holding frame. A silicone gasket seals the plate set-up of 12 individual 8-strip units for vacuum processing. Collection plate and 8-strip units are made of PP. Base membrane is made of stabilised reinforced cellulose.

Sartobind® 96-well plates are useful to optimise purification conditions of recombinant proteins (Mabs) and vaccines in Design of Experiments (DoE) studies.

Once optimal conditions have been determined, Sartobind® capsules should be used for estimation of binding capacity, the absolute removal of contaminants (virus, endotoxin etc.) or flow rate for further scale up.

Technical data
Base membrane: Stabilised reinforced cellulose
Nominal pore size: >3 μm
Bed height: 0,8 mm
Bed volume: 19 μl/well
Adsorption area: 0,7 cm²/well

Sartobind® 96-well plates are available with four different membrane chemistries: Sartobind® STIC PA (primary amine) salt tolerant anion exchanger, Sartobind® Q (quaternary ammonium) strong basic anion exchanger, Sartobind® S strong acidic cation exchanger and Sartobind® Phenyl as a hydrophobic interaction chromatography matrix.

Informations de livraison: Required but not supplied: Vac96 vacuum manifold, 96-deep well collection plate, vacuum pump or vacuum source capable of applying vacuum at 350 mbar (35 kPa, 0,34 bar), liquid trap (optional).
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