Water jet pump, Microsart®

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SART16611EA 165 EUR
Water jet pump, Microsart®
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The Microsart® e.jet vacuum laboratory pump is designed to create sufficient vacuum for filtration and unlike traditional vacuum pumps, it allows simultaneous transfer of the filtered liquid to waste. The Microsart® e.jet transfer pump is ideal for sample filtration in microbiology achieving a trans membrane pressure below 700 mbar in compliance with ISO 8199 (Water quality - General guidance on the enumeration of micro-organisms by culture). Greatly reduces operating complexity and is an ideal accessory for 3-branch and 1-branch manifolds. This pump is designed to pump both gas and liquids, meaning no loss of efficiency or malfunctions from water drawn into the pump head.

  • Maintenance-friendly and performant pump for smooth and reliable filtration
  • Constant flow rates and a defined maximum vacuum guarantee

Dimensions: 120×170×190 mm
Weight: 1,425 kg
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