Accessories for comparators

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LOVI281050EA 242 EUR
LOVI281050 LOVI231070 LOVI281090 LOVI236400 LOVI234300 LOVI234900 LOVI221070 LOVI221270 TINT246430 LOVI230300 LOVI221310 LOVI230460 TINT243040 LOVI237200 LOVI235020 LOVI230090 LOVI281040 LOVI235100 LOVI237720 LOVI233600 LOVI233800 LOVI221060 LOVI283660 LOVI221260 LOVI231500 LOVI230130 TINT246440 LOVI230250 LOVI231060 LOVI234050 LOVI235010 LOVI230080 LOVI235330 LOVI237710 LOVI238600 LOVI236900 LOVI234800 LOVI281110 LOVI221090 LOVI281030 LOVI221250 LOVI221330 LOVI230400 TINT246410 LOVI230120 TINT246450 LOVI230160 LOVI231080 LOVI281060 LOVI235000 LOVI237100 LOVI233100 LOVI233300 LOVI233500 TINT246420 LOVI230630 LOVI231200 LOVI221320 TINT243030
Accessories for comparators
Colorimètres Kits de comparaison
A wide range of test discs containing a series of graded glass filters, which have been pre-calibrated to give direct test readings. The unique feature of Lovibond® test discs is that they incorporate coloured glass filters which are colour stable and not affected by UV light or extreme environmental conditions.

  • Disc codes starting with 'N' are for use with the Nessleriser 2150
  • Disc codes starting with 'C' are for use with the Nessleriser 2250
  • All other discs are for use with the Comparator 2000+
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