ICCB known bioactives library plates, SCREEN-WELL®

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ICCB known bioactives library plates, SCREEN-WELL®
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SCREEN-WELL® ICCB Known Bioactives Library is a collection of 472 diverse biologically active compounds with defined biological activity and was developed in collaboration with the Harvard Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology.

SCREEN-WELL® ICCB Known Bioactives Library includes the following classes of compounds: GPCR ligands, Second messenger modulators, Nuclear receptor ligands, Actin and tubulin modulators, Kinase inhibitors, Protease inhibitors, Ion channel blockers, Gene regulation agents, Lipid biosynthesis inhibitors, Phosphodiesterase inhibitors, and many other classes. Each compound is supplied dissolved in DMSO at 100 µl and is ready for assaying. The library can be used for assay development and validation, mechanism profiling, lead screening or as a reference library.

Stable for one year from the date of receipt when stored at –80 °C and shipped on dry ice.
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