Orphan ligand library plates, SCREEN-WELL®

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Orphan ligand library plates, SCREEN-WELL®
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SCREEN-WELL® orphan ligand library contains 84 compounds with defined, putative, potential or speculative biological activity but whose protein binding partners have not been identified.

The library is a rich source of ligands for receptor de-orphaning. Includes the following classes of ligands: Trace Amines, Neurotransmitter Metabolites, Endogenous β-carbolines, Urinary Metabolites, Nicotine Congeners, D-Amino Acids. Receptors for endogenous trace amines have been deorphanized. Endogenous β-carbolines have been shown to display varied biological effects such as hallucinations, hypotension and others. Nicotine congeners such as nornicotine are biologically active and may act at novel nicotinic receptor subtypes.

Ligands are supplied dissolved in biocompatible solvents at 10 mM and aliquoted into a deep-well plate.

Stable for one year from the date of receipt when stored at –80 °C and shipped on dry Ice.
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