Cell Locker™ system for Heracell VIOS 160i ™

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Cell Locker™
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Cell Locker™ system for Heracell VIOS 160i ™
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Compatible models of the Heracell VIOS 160i, with modified chambers, can be customised with cell lockers. These autoclavable, polycarbonate cell lockers chambers have been designed for improved culturing efficiency and security for sensitive cultures, such as stem and primary cells, in frequently opened or shared use incubators.

  • Minimise the effect of routine door openings and reduce variability between cell lockers
  • Organise cultures by separating multiple users, cell types, samples or projects within one shared incubator space
  • Prevent cross contamination due to culture isolation in separate chambers
  • The cell locker can be manually disinfected or autoclaved a maximum of 12 times
  • Each cell locker holds up to 9 each T-75 cell culture flasks, 20 each 6-well plates, or 24 each 96-well plates

Each individual cell locker provides easy access to cultures and has a secure latch which can be opened with one hand, whilst effectively quarantining the cultures within. For convenience, cell locker chambers have a removable transport cover for transferring samples to a biosafety cabinet or to another laboratory and each locker has a non-stick sliding tray which prevents tipping. The transparent tapered boxes each have a dual 0,2 μm membrane filter that permits air circulation but excludes microbial contaminants including bacteria, virus and mycoplasma; validated by independent tests.

The Heracell VIOS 160i CO₂ incubator (in stainless steel or 100% copper chamber interior) with cell locker system features a six segmented, gas tight inner door configuration to accommodate six individual cell locker chambers. Thrive active airflow gently and evenly distributes humidified, conditioned air throughout cell lockers, creating a uniform culture environment in each cell locker. Incubation conditions are normally disrupted by routine door openings, the cell locker system helps to minimise this impact. During a routine door opening of one segment, the temperature, CO₂ gas concentration and humidity remain stable in the unopened cell lockers. Thrive active airflow provides fast recovery from door openings for each opened cell locker.

Compared to the standard single glass door design, the temperature drop in the opened cell locker is reduced by 50%. With the cell locker system, gas consumption from a door opening is reduced by 50%, saving time and money.

Individual cell locker chambers serve to quarantine/isolate cell types or different projects, offering enhanced protection for valuable cultures. A single cell locker can be placed in any incubator to quarantine samples or to isolate cultures or projects but note that recovery data is only validated for the full system, inclusive of the modified Heracell VIOS 160i CO₂ incubator.

Informations de commande: All components for the cell locker system must be ordered separately.
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