Cryoboxes, PC, with 2D Barcode and Grids

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Cryoboxes, PC, with 2D Barcode and Grids
Boîtes Boîtes pour cryotubes
This cryoboxes made of high quality colored polycarbonate (PC) which is used to store the Cryo-Tubes 2D.

  • For use with liquid nitrogen
  • Numerically coded
  • Stackable for safe transport
  • Autoclavable
  • Temperature-resistant from –190 °C to +121 °C

This has automatic identification of each box and its positioning through laser engraved Code 128 on the side of the lower part of the rack and 2D datamatrix code, on the bottom of the box.

Informations de commande: Scanner and software on request.

Informations de livraison: Each pack of boxes is supplied with a vial picker.
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