Gamma microcarriers, Cytodex 3

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Gamma microcarriers, Cytodex 3
Perles Billes microporteuses
The microcarrier of choice for cells that are difficult to culture in vitro - particularly for cells with an epithelial-like morphology.

  • Gamma-sterilised and ready to use for quick culture start-up
  • Delivered in a convenient, single-use container system for easy transfer to various cell culture vessels
  • Supplied dry to save storage space and facilitate transportation
  • Enable culturing of anchorage-dependent cells in single-use bioreactor to eliminate the need for cleaning and cleaning validation
  • Supported by extensive product documentation to facilitate regulatory filing
  • Serum-free function testing to ensure performance

Cytodex 3 Gamma is designed by chemically coupling of a thin layer of denatured porcine collagen type 1 to the cross-linked dextran matrix. As the collagen surface layer can be digested by a variety of proteolytic enzymes, harvest of such cells from the microcarriers can be performed with maintained high cell viability and membrane integrity. This feature of Cytodex 3 Gamma is beneficial in the development of successful serial subcultivation protocols for scaling up culture volumes.

Surface: Pig skin gelatine coated
Matrix: Cross-linked dextran
Charge density: Not relevant, gelatine coated
Average particle size: 175 µm spherical
Approximate surface area dry weight: 0,27 m²/g
Approximate number of micro-carriers dry weight: 3×10⁶
Swelling dry weight: 15 ml/g
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