Gamma microcarriers, Cytodex 1

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Gamma microcarriers, Cytodex 1
Perles Billes microporteuses
Sterilised Cytodex 1 Gamma is a general-purpose microcarrier particularly suitable for most established cell lines and for production of viruses or cell products from cultures of primary cells and normal diploid cell strains.

  • Gamma-sterilised and ready to use for quick culture start-up
  • Delivered in a convenient, single-use container system for easy transfer to various cell culture vessels
  • Supplied dry to save storage space and facilitate transportation
  • Enable culturing of anchorage-dependent cells in single-use bioreactor to eliminate the need for cleaning and cleaning validation
  • Supported by extensive product documentation to facilitate regulatory filing
  • Serum-free function testing to ensure performance

Applications include the production of large quantities of cells, viruses and recombinant cell products (e.g. interferon, enzymes, nucleic acids, hormones), studies on cell adhesion, differentiation and cell function, perfusion column culture systems, microscopy studies, harvesting mitotic cells, isolation of cells, membrane studies, storage and transport of cells, assays involving cell transfer and studies on upstage of labelled compounds.

Surface: Hydrophilic DEAE exchanger, positive charge
Charge density: 1,3 to 1,6 mmol Cl-/g dry substance
Average particle size: 190 μm spherical
Approximate surface area dry weight: 0,44 m²/g
Approximate number of micro-carriers dry weight: 4,33×10⁶
Swelling dry weight: 20 ml/g
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