Air flow comboKit 1 with Bluetooth®, Testo 440

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TEST0563.4406EA 1150 EUR
Air flow comboKit 1 with Bluetooth®, Testo 440
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Airflow Combokit 1 equipped with clearly structured measurement menu for volume flow and parallel determination of air velocity, differential pressure, humidity and temperature in ventilation ducts or at ventilation outlets.

  • Long-term monitoring of indoor air quality
  • Combine the vane probe with Bluetooth with the telescope for ceiling outlets
  • Turbulence measurement in accordance with EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55

Convenient for wireless probe, internal data storage and USB port for data export. Ideal for long-term monitoring of indoor air quality and maximum flexibility for duct and outlet measurements.

Informations de livraison: Supplied with testo 440 air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument, the vane probe (Ø 100 mm) with Bluetooth® including temperature sensor and the hot wire probe including temperature sensor.
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