Heating bath, HB digital

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IKAA20016334EA 1870 EUR
IKAA20016334 IKAA20016335 IKAA20016336
Heating bath, HB digital
Bains Bains-marie
Compact and ergonomic heating safety bath for all tempering media.

  • Maximum media temperature: 180 °C
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Key button to lock heating bath temperature
  • Clear, black-and-white display
  • Safety operating modes A, B, C
  • Permanent set-point/ actual temperature display
  • USB interface

Permissible ambient temperature 5 to 40 °C with 80% permissible relative humidity and frequency, 50/60 Hz.

Certifications: Protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 21, class designation acc. DIN 12876: II
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