Sodium hexamétaphosphate, Macron Fine Chemicals™

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Synonyme(s): Hexamétaphosphate de sodium

MACRE024-61EA 129.42 EUR
Sodium hexamétaphosphate, Macron Fine Chemicals™
Sodium hexamétaphosphate


Formule: Na₆P₆O₁₈
Poids moléculaire: 611,77 g/mol
Point de fusion: 610 °C
Densité: 1,25 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Numéro MDL: MFCD00136045
Numéro CAS: 10124-56-8
EINECS: 233-343-1

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For Laboratory,Research,or Manufacturing Use
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P₂O₅) ≥65.0 %
pH of 1% Solution at 25°C 6.7 - 7.2
Appearance (clear, glass-like crystals)

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