RNA Isolation, MicroSpin Total RNA Kit, peqGOLD

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RNA Isolation, MicroSpin Total RNA Kit, peqGOLD
Kits de purification d'acides nucléiques Kits de purification d'ARN
Purified RNA can be used in downstream applications such as RT-PCR, nuclease protection assay, and in vitro translation.

  • High quality with up to 50 µg of total RNA from cultured eukaryotic cells, tissues such as laser dissected samples (LDS) or fine needle aspirates (FNA) suitable for a variety of downstream applications
  • Fast, 30 minutes or less
  • Safe with no phenol/chloroform extractions

Sample up to 5×10⁵ eukaryotic cells or 5 mg tissue, yields up to 15 μg.

Informations de livraison: Each kit includes: peqGOLD Microspin RNA LE columns, 2 ml collection tubes, TRK lysis buffer, RWF wash buffer,nuclease-free water, carrier RNA.
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