PC platinum certified clean biotainer bottles, Nalgene®

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PC platinum certified clean biotainer bottles, Nalgene®
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The Nalgene™ multi-tiered portfolio provides bioproduction facilities with a variety of high quality, sterile storage and transport solutions. Choose the appropriate product necessary to suit any application, through the step-down process and into the cleanroom.

  • Durable, translucent PC construction ensures the integrity of samples
  • Closures feature a silicone liner for leakproof assurance
  • Customisation options are available for fluid transfer applications
  • Extensive validation documentation support
  • Suitable for use in storage conditions of –100 to 100 °C

Bottles are washed with USP water for injection and handled post-washing in Class 5 cleanrooms with Class 4 packaging/inspection hoods to produce these very low particulate products. Certified and lot-to-lot tested to contain less than ¹/₃ the particulates allowable according to USP <788> to limit potential particulate contamination. Sterile, ready to use products with a Sterility Assurance Level of 10⁻⁶ inside the container/closure, including two heat-sealed sterile barriers to protect the product prior to use.
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